We believe in doing business with the best practices of the old- and new-fashioned ways. The old fashioned way in that: We mean what we say and do with excellence what we commit to. We also believe and practice partnerships built on trust and integrity. We recognize that when we share in project management together (collaborate), the end result is a product that is superior and the most cost effective to meet your needs. In categories ranging from:
  • Communication: High tech electronic to more traditional high visibility
  • Packaging: Special individual piece handling to bulk packaging
  • Billing: Hard copy invoice or EDI, paper checks or EFT’s
  • Inventory: On demand and JIT or Consignment and VMI, your shelf or ours or both.
  • Shipping: Your carrier or ours, PPD or FOB
  • Production: High visibility and scheduling input or high priority
  • Purchase orders: Paper & fax or e-mail, blankets with release dates or spot orders as needed, multi item numbers or single items per PO
  • Integrated Production Systems: We manage customer requests from order to delivery using our integrated order management systems. You can even view your order status on-line!
  • Quality: From lot control and material certifications, to inviting your welcomed on site QC inspections

We know all of these and more are what you are looking for in a supplier.

The Bottom Line Is:
We believe in and practice listening and partnership. Why? Because WE UNDERSTAND this adds value and separates us from the competition. This is one of the differences the power of three makes! We welcome your challenges and input, recognizing that by working together we can achieve a much greater result.

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